A powerful tool to visualize temporal and spatial trends in various formats. Vesta allows users to make statistical inferences about data patterns that can inform policy and health decisions.

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What is Vesta?

Vesta is a powerful tool to visualize temporal and spatial trends in various formats. Vesta is an evolution of our software, SpaceStat. Vesta has a new, user-friendly design that makes for smooth data importing, exploring spatial patterns, and making predictions and time forecasting.

We have expanded the foundation BioMedware created for geospatial data analysis in a way that is familiar to the seasoned geostatistician yet accessible for non-expert users with detailed support material.

What does Vesta do?

Vesta comes complete with 12 base layers including global satellite imagery, topography, street maps and more. Visualization methods include linked windows, statistical and cartographic brushing and multiple map layers. Statistical graphics are time-based boxplots, scatterplots, histograms, and others. Modeling techniques are suited to space-time data, and include linear regression, joinpoint regression, and several flavors of geostatistics such as variograms, kriging, co-kriging and uncertainty estimation.

How can we use Vesta?

Vesta allows users to make statistical inferences about data patterns that can inform policy and health decisions. The Vesta software can be used for infrastructure, cancer registries, urban planning, agricultural optimization, or to analyze the exposome.

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Infrastructure industry professionals often have a need to identify service lines that might be responsible for lead in water. Using Vesta, individual addresses and/or service lines are assigned a probability of lead contribution and a model is generated to help make informed decisions on what areas to further assess.
Cancer registries frequently explore ways to better communicate trends in cancer rates. Researchers can model cancer rates over time and space using our software. Being able to account for geographic variances in temporal trends can greatly improve health directives and policies.
Urban planning engineers explore ways to improve our living environment, including reducing the effects of environmental overheating. Professionals can track temperature trends and strategically “cool” a local environment by knowing where to have parks/forest areas as these generally keep the environment cooler.
How can farmers and agricultural enterprises optimize a plan for fertilizing crops? By mapping soil properties and crop yields, stakeholders can track how these factors change over time and make decisions for future fertilization schedules and/or watering schedules.
Air and land pollution is an ever-growing concern. How can a health environment exposome be quantified and interpreted? A person’s health is affected and influenced by the totality of their exposures over their lifetime. Local data (air pollutants, water contaminants, industrial facility proximity, access to health facilities, etc.) can be used to create an “exposome” map and thus inform stakeholders about the range of factors influencing human life outcomes and make exposure assessments.

Vesta Features

Accessing all Vesta features does not require a coding background. Several Vesta features include:

Virtual Map Creation

The maps created in Vesta overlay data over the map tile’s background, similar to viewing a route on a virtual map

Highlight Observations

Highlight the same observations on multiple graphs (i.e., maps, histograms, scatterplots) by linking and brushing 

Support Data Sources

Support data sources with different geographic projections such as Esri Shapefiles and Excel files

Multiple Layers

Work with multiple layers to specify the display order of the map


Easy Analysis

Visualize time-dependent behavior of graphs and summary statistics by simply moving a time slider bar.

Missing Data

Handle missing data in visualizations and calculations during data import

Exploratory Analysis

Conduct exploratory analysis through the visualization of data in table, map, histogram, scatterplot, heatmap, time plot, and boxplot. 

Export Your Projects

Export visualizations and tables as image files, and save project files


Get Vesta

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Once you acquire a Vesta license, check your email for the license key to install the software.

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