The Better Alternative to Esri

Vesta is the best alternative to Esri for quick and easy advanced geospatial modeling and analysis. You can use Vesta as an easy-to-use stand-alone product or alongside Esri products to augment and accelerate your workflows.

The GIS Platform Built For Everyone

Easy Setup

All you need is an internet connection and Windows 10 or later versions to install Vesta and get started. 

User-Friendly Design

Vesta is designed to be accessible to non-expert users as well as professional geostatisticians.

Cost Effective

Users get access to all of Vesta’s innovative, top-of-the-line features in one annual subscription fee. No add-ons or additional fees, ever.

Admin Support

Our team is available for support throughout all stages of your project. Vesta is also equipped with extensive documentation and video tutorials to ensure that users succeed.

Vesta Versus Esri ArcGIS Professional


For Beginners & Professionals

  • Cartographic and statistical brushing
  • Joinpoint regression
  • Linked Windows
  • Geographical joinpoint regression

The only GIS system that can handle missing data


for a single seat

No hidden fees


Built for Experienced Users Only

  • These features are unavailable


for a single seat

Users must purchase credits along with annual fee

Cutting-Edge Features in Vesta

Missing Values

Vesta is the only GIS system that can handle missing data in visualizations and calculations. Missing data occurs when you don’t have observations or measurements for certain variables at specific locations. The data is missing, it is not absent. With Vesta, users can fill in the gaps, streamline their observation techniques, and extract more accurate analyses.

Joinpoint Regression

With Vesta, joinpoint regression can be used to identify the timing and extent of changes in time series of health outcomes and project future disease burdens to allocate adequate resources.

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